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Organization of the Department

Following the “Articles of Association of the Department of Leisure, Recreation, and Tourism Management, STUST,” we established a number of committees, including the curriculum planning committee, reading material and equipment planning committee, faculty evaluation committee, department self-evaluation committee, and student career counseling committee.

Each committee plays a proper role, so that the department can work smoothly and successfully and that resources can be effectively utilized. For more details with respect to responsibilities of each individual committee, please refer to the rules and regulations specific to each committee. Responsibilities of each committee are described below:

(1) Department Committee:

The department committee is the highest decision-making committee. It meets at least twice every semester and may hold additional meetings when necessary. Important issues will be discussed and resolved by the teachers, and members of the other committees will be elected. In addition to discussing issues about research, teaching, service, and the allocation of funds, the department committee is responsible for making amendments to the articles of association of the department. Major decisions are made by relevant committees before they are brought to the department committee for further discussions and the decision of the department.

(2) The Department Curriculum Planning Committee:

The committee is responsible for planning, creating, and evaluating the curriculum of the department. The committee meets once every semester and may hold additional meetings when necessary.

(3) Reading Material and Equipment Planning Committee:

The committee is responsible for planning on the reading material and equipment of the department and for related purchases. The committee meets to discuss and make decisions before purchase plans are submitted to the Office of General Affairs for bidding. The Committee meets once every semester and may hold additional meetings when necessary.

(4) Faculty Evaluation Committee:

The committee is responsible for the appointment, promotion, dismissal, suspension, training, extension, awards and grants, and other matters. The committee meets twice every semester as a routine, one at the beginning and the other by the end of the semester. It may hold additional meetings when necessary. Meetings are generally held before the college faculty evaluation committee meets. Reviews and admissions of application for on-the-job study are held in accordance with rules and regulations of the school. Applications for domestic and foreign training, for example, need permission from the department faculty evaluation committee, the college faculty evaluation committee, and the university faculty evaluation committee.

(5) Department Self-Evaluation Committee:

To enhance the quality and raise the standards of its teaching, research, and administration, STUST has developed a complete self-evaluation system with stipulated measures to implement the self-evaluation system. In accordance with Article VI of STUST Self-Evaluation Regulations, our department stipulated a self-evaluation policy and a committee to implement it. The self- evaluation is implemented regularly on a biannual basis.

(6) Recruitment and Admissions Committee:

The committee makes decisions on the procedures, operation, and schedule of recruitment work. It also makes decisions on conditions, modes, items, and other matters related to admissions and recommendations. In addition, the committee is responsible for setting the enrollment work schedule, preparing promotional materials, and other related matters.