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Teaching Facilities

Teaching Facilities:

Our facilities are new and very suitable for teaching and the research. To strengthen learning, we have even established many professional internship classrooms.

Teaching Facilities
Classroom                                                         Purpose                                                          Location    
Storage Equipment RoomStore equipmentsT0301
Storage Equipment RoomStore equipmentsT0606
Electronic ClassroomMultimedia teachingT0506
Recreational Product Development ClassroomRecreational Product Development for teachingT0313
Internship Travel AgencyTravel Teaching Simulation PracticeT0314
Post-graduates’ Research RoomFor postgraduates’researchT0501、T0601
Students’ Special Topic Research RoomStudents report and make powerpoint of the thesisT0501-6 T0501-7
Language Audio-Visual ClassroomFor language audio-visual teachingT0505
Teachers’ Special Topic Research RoomStudents report and make powerpoint of the thesisT0507
Resource ClassroomFor video conferencing teachingT0508
Multimedia Computer ClassroomFor multimedia computer teachingL503
Teachers’ Research RoomFor teachers’ researchT0605(14 rooms)
Data Analysis RoomFor special topics and thesisanalysesT0607
Recreational Plan RoomFor recreational plan designpicture teachingT0608
Postgraduates’ ClassroomFor post-graduates’ in classT0609