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About Us

About Us

Mission of the College of Business 

The College of Business of STUST aims to become a highly recognized and influential business school throughout the Asian region. 
We are devoted to advancing and disseminating business knowledge to serve business and society. 

In Keeping with this mission, we endeavor to:
  • Develop business leaders, professionals and scholars, with advanced cognition and ethical thinking.
  • Integrate academic and industry partnership through cooperative efforts to innovate new technologies and business strategies.
  • Provide industrial consultancy and public policy advisory to serve the evolving needs of Taiwan and Asian region.
Department History:

  1. 1992 – The two-year junior college program was first established with the Department of Tourism.
  2. 1997 – The two-year undergraduate program was established, and the two-year junior college program continued.
  3. 1999 – The four-year undergraduate program was established.
  4. 2000 – The department changed its name to the Department of Leisure, Recreation, and Tourism Management.
  5. 2003 – The Master’s program was first established.


  1. Improve the real functions of our committee.
  2. Strengthen international exchanges and continue to cooperate with Hakuo University to encourage students to visit each other during the summer and take courses.
  3. Continue to join international seminars every year.
  4. Invite overseas professors to give lectures in our department.
  5. Train students to get certificates for team leaders, tour guides, and travel agency managers.

Future Careers:

Our department focuses on leisure expertise, excellence, cooperation, and international outlook. Students may enter a wide variety of careers in travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, airlines, resorts, marketing departments, national parks, scenic areas, theme parks, and many other institutions that provide leisure services.  For further studies, students may choose leisure and tourism graduate programs in Taiwan or other countries.


No. 1, Nan-Tai Street, Yungkang Dist., Tainan City 710, Taiwan R.O.C

Phone:06-2533131 ext 4901